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We would also like to aknowledge the underwater photos found in this site to Kal Muller, Colin and Claire Cunningham, Didi Geeske, Magnus Mattson, Robin de Bock, Araki, Midori, Ricardo and Myself.

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Alor diving

"More big fish, prolific swarming masses of schools than anywhere I've seen in 20 years of diving."
Ken Parker, U.S.A., Advanced Diver, 1000+ dives - Donovan's Guest

"We saw huge Sunfish, Reef Sharks, Turtles, Moray Eels, Rays, Napoleon Wrasse, Dog-tooth Tuna, Barracuda and loads of beautiful Reef Fish all in just three dives."
Helen Roberts, England, Advanced Diver, 30+ dives - Donovan's Guest

"Had a great time - loved the sharks, especially the Thresher. Alor diving defies description - must be experienced."
Marnie Williams, U.S.A., Advanced Diver, 500+ dives - Donovan's Guest

"A must if you
want to see it all."

Jean-Pierre Colle, Belgium, Instructor, 2000+ dives - Donovan's Guest

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